Develop Your Leader Presence Masterclass – Jul 29

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Masterclass

Are you coming across as a leader?

New Masterclass Series

Find the exact tools and training you need to approach a specific skill with NxtGEN’s new masterclass series. These fast-paced, concise sessions target just one applied skill, so you can only focus on what you need.

About This Masterclass

Fri, 29 July 2022, 12:00 – 14:00 IST, Online Event

During this captivating session, you will identify the three key areas of communication that impact your Leader Presence, and learn how to leverage them with your audience. You will then practice your delivery by using all of the learned elements in your presentations.

This hands-on session combines the most practical elements of our three top-rated programmes: Command the Room, Leader Presence and Presentation Skill. It targets the powerful effect of Executive Presence and its elements, in particular confidence, vision, and authenticity.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Includes activities and exercises for you to practice
  • Hosted by an expert
  • Interactive – you can ask questions whenever they come up
  • Covers topics from our highest-rated class material
  • Highly specific, designed to address one skill
  • A dynamic, highly engaging two-hour session


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*All the masterclasses in this series have been developed from our most popular programmes. Training materials and certification included.

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