Presenting4Success - NxtGEN Executive Presence

Consultant Trainer & Coach, Ilaria Consulting

Ilaria Dondero

Ilaria lives and works to help people tell their stories. She specialises in Business Communications, Negotiation Techniques, and Professional Development Strategies. She has over 15 years of experience working in multicultural environments. During the past eight years, she’s been teaching training programmes and offering coaching services across a variety of industries in Ireland and abroad.

With a background in Law, she started her career in the corporate Financial Services sector, and since 2015 she has been collaborating with NxtGEN Executive Presence. Ilaria teaches Business Communications courses at the International School of Business (ISB) and Dublin Business School (DBS) and delivers Business Communications, Applied Negotiation Skills, and Professional Development Modules (QQI, Level 8) at ICD Business School, Dublin.

Her approach is structured and action-focused to build the competence and the confidence to influence diverse audiences through consistency and credibility. In addition, Ilaria uses Emotional Intelligence concepts to support improved self- awareness and effective business communications across different channels.

Her professional qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Law (University of Studies of Genoa); Higher Diploma in Business (DBS); Certified Master Coach Practitioner (PSG); Qualified Trainer (IITD); iCPI – iSpeak Certified Professional Instructor (iSpeak Inc). She considers herself a lifelong learner and looks forward to working on new projects. Ilaria has co-facilitated the following projects with NxtGEN: Sales Discovery – Vhi Healthcare, Device Atlas, Vodafone, UCC Academy. In addition, her coaching and content customisation are instrumental in delivering Tools For Influencing, Influence and Negotiation Skills at UCC Academy plus Presenting4Success for UCD Smurfit, UCD CEMS, and Microsoft Ireland, to name a few.