Free Webinar: Building Trust Through Discovery Conversations – 30th March 2022

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Upcoming Events

How do you build trust and gain confidence as a leader?


Gaining your audience’s trust is not an easy feat, it calls for a great deal of authenticity and credence on your part.

It creates expectations and demands a thorough understanding of your audiences’ and your consumers’ requirements, as well as their decision-making processes.

Without a clear grasp of these the agreement will break, the deal will fail.

This free, upcoming webinar will introduce you to the tools and techniques instrumental in discovering your audiences’ preferences while creating an atmosphere of mutual trust.

The session will be delivered by Paul A. Slattery, who possesses decades of experience in high-level corporate environments. His impactful techniques will teach you the three elements that makeup value to a customer and how to ask the right questions in all types of customer-facing conversations.

You will also develop an understanding of communication styles relevant in sales situations and we will demonstrate handling objections techniques applicable during the discovery process.

Sign up today and learn how to build trust and gain new business through discovery conversations and how to grow your self-confidence as a leader.

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