The Corporate Ovations Self-Study

This study is a complement to the Corporate Ovations book and our Workshop. Each of the 12 videos are aligned with the 12 chapters of the Corporate Ovations book. As you work through the lessons, please look for something you can implement and change in your communication.

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Download the Workbook First!

Download the Corporate Ovations Self-Study Workbook before you begin!

The Self-Study PDF includes all of the following:

  • Summary of video lessons
  • Quiz to test your recall and understanding
  • Application exercise to practice further
  • A Tomorrow’s Challenge to get you out of your comfort zone



Lesson 1: Overcoming Fear & Anxiety

Russ Peterson Jr. reviews several techniques to “get your butterflies flying in formation” before you speak in public.


Lesson 2: Know your Purpose

Russ Peterson Jr. stresses both the importance and the simplicity of defining your purpose prior to developing a message for any audience.


Lesson 3: Audiences Want You to Connect

Russ Peterson Jr. explains the importance of knowing your audience before you build a message for them. This can be done in a few simple steps and it can either make or break your entire message.


Lesson 4: Open with Power

Kevin Karschnik teaches the iSpeak CABA method for opening a presentation. By including these 4 simple ingredients you will capture the audience’s attention and give them a reason to listen!


Lesson 5: Close with Confidence

Kevin Karschnik teaches the iSpeak MAS formula for closing a presentation. This is not a grand finale, like a fireworks show, but it does provide proper punctuation to wrap up your message.


Lesson 6: Structure the Presentation Body

Bill Kreiger, iSpeak Certified Master Instructor, walks you through several methods to structure the body of your message for the greatest impact with your audience


Lesson 7: Corporate Storytelling

Russ Peterson Jr. offers several tips to consider when incorporating stories into your presentation. These are fundamental techniques you can implement immediately to improve your own stories.


Lesson 8: Say It Like You Mean It!

Cynthia Oelkers, iSpeak Certified Master Instructor, shows you how to create interest and meaning with the delivery of the words you have prepared. How you say it does make a difference!


Lesson 9: Engaging Body Language

Cynthia Oelkers, iSpeak Certified Master Instructor, shows you effective methods for aligning your body language with your message. It’s all about movement with purpose!


Lesson 10: Using Visual Aids

In Part One, Kevin Karschnik gives you ideas for using visual aids without using a projected slide deck! Sometimes the most effective way to convey a point is with a simple object, not an animated slide!

In Part Two, Kevin addresses the use of projected slides for visual aids. In business, it seems to be a norm that we will use slides. However, it doesn’t have to be the norm to put your audience to sleep with them!


Lesson 11: Handling Questions

Bill Kreiger, iSpeak Certified Master Instructor, reviews the proper process for taking questions from an audience. He also covers the situation of, “What do I do if I don’t know the answer!”


Lesson 12: Rehearsal and Evaluation

Russ Peterson Jr. gives you a simple process for performing rehearsal. He also stresses the right kind of coaching vs. the wrong kind of coaching. Learn how to coach yourself through video and never stop improving!

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